Blue Belt

Blue Belt Requirements.
Personal Safety Defending against grabs using an appropriate level of control versus taking your space 2 Advanced Techniques Blue Star Combinations Demonstrating increased coordination, balance, and core strength through more complex patterns of movement including multiple kicking sets 8 Combination 9 Combination Red Star Forms. Properly perform Pinan and Kata with an emphasis on coordination and balance.Integrate strikes and kicks effectively 1 Kata Black Star Cumulative Review. Students are expected to perform required material from all previous ranks in a way that demonstrates a level of growth and effort as they advance from belt to beltMechanics Demonstrating the foundational skills of the art with effectiveness appropriate to their rank. Strikes ,Driving Knife, Spear Hand, Ridge Hand, Back Fist, Roundhouse Elbow Kicks, Hook Kick, Flip Kick Partnering Skills. Effectively and respectfully practicing combinations with a partner without making contact and responding appropriately to their partner’s techniques 5, 8, & 9 Combinations. Supplemental Skills Shaolin Kung Fu techniques that demonstrate the energies and characteristics of the five animals.