Grandmaster Villari Welcomes You to His Official Website

The Authentic Art of Shaolin Kempo Karate was originated and founded by Great Grandmaster Fred Villari. His fighting system has been widely recognized and respected over the past five decades. Many have attempted to replicate his system but none have succeeded.
His art traces its origins back nearly two thousand years ago to the Shaolin Temple of China, India, Japan and Tibet. Many of the basic methods are still utilized today. The present form has evolved and become famous and popular for the highly effective Four Ways of fighting.
These evolutionary changes were necessary due to the cultural development of mankind and the technological advancement of many types of today’s modern weapons. People are bigger, stronger, and much more knowledgable about weapons and methods of combat. Therefore, it became necessary that movements and techniques be changed and updated for the 21st century.
Great Grandmaster Villari has accomplished what no other Master has achieved – combining the Four Ways of Fighting into ONE. Now his system of fighting, health, and self defense is available to you and your loved ones through his White – Black Belt courses, self-defense training, and live 1 to 1 personal training with his top Master Instructors.