White Belt

White Belt Requirements SALUTATIONS: Front Position; Right foot out at elbows STANCES: Pine Tree, Flamingo, Horse, Half Moon, Ground Fighting Stance BLOCKING SYSTEMS: 8 Point Blocking HAND STRIKES (Elbows): Front Two-Knuckle, Reverse Hammer, Back Two Knuckle, Side Hammer KICKS (Knees): Front Ball, Side Blade, Upward Knee, Front Instep, Side Thrust SLAP OUTS: Back, Front, Side and Wall Slap Outs (all to a fighting position) ROLLS: Forward, Backward, Left and Right Shoulder to an On Guard Stance, Log Roll to a Ground Fighting Stance KEMPO TECHNIQUES: a) Low/High, b) Heavy Hammer COMBINATIONS: #6, #7 FORMS: 1 Pinion DEFENSIVE MANEUVERS from GRABS: Wrist Grabs KICKBOXING TECHNIQUES (Kumite): High / Low Combinations, Introduction to fighting Horse and Half Moon. NO-MIND (Mushin): Blocking AWARENESS: Blocking Drills (minimum of 25 Swings) BREATHING EXERCISES: Diaphragmatic Breathing (Sitting, Kneeling, Standing)