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Become a Black Belt with this proven program that takes men and women ages 16-90 step by step which will teach you all the knowledge of self defense material you need to know to earn your Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown and Black (Shodan) Belts.

All above tests are included in your advanced Black Belt Program. (belt, diploma, shipping & handling not included).

This advanced Black Belt Program will teach you how to get in shape, keep fit, balance your mind and body, and teach you how to defend yourself in any situation.

You are guaranteed your Black Belt if you just follow along with Grandmaster Villari and complete all the movements he teaches you. It’s easy to follow along at your own pace.

There are two parts to the martial arts: The Internal (which is all about bringing energy to all parts of the body, including vital organs). Learn Chinese, Tibetan, and Japanese breathing, meditation, movements and postures that can add 15 years or more to your life.

Not many martial arts in the world teach the Internals, which is the most important. The Internal strengthens the body and relaxes the mind.

The second part is the External for keeping fit and learning how to defend and protect yourself in any situation whether it be one or more attackers.

Included in this advanced Black Belt Program is access to all the content including the Villari collection of almost 100 advanced instructional and entertaining videos which will teach you all the Internal and External martial arts training needed for you to get your 2nd Degree Black Belt all the way to 8th Degree Master Level Black Belt.

You can stream all this content or simply download it and take it with you everywhere so you can practice on your own time via the convenience of your computer, phone, tablet, DVD, or USB.

I recommend 20, 30, or 45 minutes or more per day. Before you know it, you will receive your Black Belt!

This advanced Black Belt Program also includes all your test fees for your Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, and Black Belts. (belt, diploma, shipping & handing not included)

You can either send a video of yourself doing all the moves as Grandmaster Villari teaches you or come to one of our studios worldwide and review for your Black Belt.

This program has been tested and proven to produce some of the best Black Belts and Master all over the world.

Normally, if a student studies in a martial art studio, the cost to receive a Black Belt would range from $10,000 – $15,000, making it unaffordable for millions of people who want to study the martial arts or receive their Black Belt.

Grandmaster Villari and is staff of Black Belts, Masters, and Judan 10th Degree Black Belts have taught over 50,000,000 students worldwide in almost every country.

Now it’s affordable for everyone. It’s only $99 down and two easy payments of $99.(This also includes your first review and test fee for the yellow belt diploma.)This advanced Black Belt Program also includes a library of over 100 instructional and entertaining martial arts, self defense, chi kung ,energy and fitness exercises that will strengthen and relax your mind and body.These videos can take you all the way to master level.You will have full access to stream the entire above collection 24 hours a day which will enable you to study anytime and any place at your convenience to easily earn your black belt.
Additional test fees not included It’s only $49.99 for each additional review and test fee.If you were to try to achieve your white to black belt at any other credible studio or martial art school your costs will be over $10,000 for instructions and test fees.As you can see by taking this comprehensive white to black belt program you will save over $9,200 plus have the convenience of studying any time and any place you that you choose.By having having the ability to study anytime and any place at your convenience will enable you to easily earn your black belt with 14 months.With this program many people have earned their black belt within a year only because you have access to all the instructional training along with all the instructions to take you all the way to earn you Master level 8th degree black belt.

Enroll now and start becoming healthier, happier, more fit and confident that you can protect yourself.


Grandmaster Fred Villari

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